It’s That Time of Year Again

For the past few weeks I have been devolged in girl scout cookie sales.  It’s that time again.  But, for my oldest daughter, it’s a first.  This is her first year as a Brownie in our local girl scout troop. 

Most of us will set our goals small, that way they are more achievable, but not my daughter.  She thinks big and goals and reaches high.  She set her cookie goal at 1500 boxes, the reward for selling all those boxes is to go to girl scout camp for free.  It’s a tall order, for such a little brownie.  So, we’ve broken the goal it boxes of 50, having almost reached for first “50 goal” this week.

At my daughter’s age, I too was a girl scout.  It was some of the best times of my childhood.  We learned new things, made new friends, maintained old friendships, and took away many good memories – like camp. 

One time we went to camp, it was so cold, none of us were able to go swimming, and the bunny trial was so slippery with mud, we literally skated down the hillside.  We spent a few nights in our tents, but then on our last night there, we stayed in a large doomed shaped building and camped out on in our sleeping bags on the wood plank floors.  We spent more time giggling and whispering all night than we did sleeping, that was for the car rides home.

Ah, but it is that time of year again isn’t it?  One I’m sure my daughter will come back to reflect on as she grows older, as I have.  One of Cookies, and camp, and other memories to be made.

Not only because they freeze well, but because my daughter insist, we’ll be stalking our freezer full girl scout cookies this year.  Samoas are my favorite!  What kind will you be ordering?


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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2 comments on “It’s That Time of Year Again
  1. jeanie says:

    is your troop alowing people to purchase cookies to be donated to a hospital or senior center? one ladies i work with her daughter is selling cookies and you can purhase and donate it to the windber hospice.

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