Inspiring Romance #27 – Appreciate Him

Each year I listen to those around me grumble about what they didn’t get on Valentine’s Day.

Even before I sat down to write this post today I went about a little research and came across and article that instead of listing the most romantic things you could, it listed the worst things that couples did on Valentine’s Day. After reading the article, I got confused.

It seemed the author, must not have ever had a day where they felt appreciated, let alone loved. According to the article the worst thing you could do was go out to dinner. Reasons that were listed included bad food, over crowded establishment, and the expense of a disaster waiting to happen.

You would think that staying home would be better than going out, but again the article says not.

Along with flowers, chocolate, and holiday cards, nothing seemed to be the RIGHT thing to do in order to properly celebrate this special day. After all, what is there to do right?

Being a romantic at heart, I had to sit and give all these things great thought. As I turned to my husband, he said to me, “what should it matter? If you show love everyday, then Valentine’s day has no more special meaning tomorrow than it does the next day to those who show their affection.”

So surprise him, today and everyday.

Appreciate him.

Don’t harp, hound, or whine when he first gets home. Prepare him a meal and sit down with him at the table. Ask him how his day went and be his #1 fan. Let him put his feet up, and curl up beside him. Remember when your mad and in the midst of an argument that in God’s eyes he is one with you.

Tell him you love him, often and without doubt, even when it seems he’s not listening to you – he probably is. Compliment him on all the good things you like, the services he performs around the house, and how he deals with the rest of the family.

Simply appreciate the one you love this day and everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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One comment on “Inspiring Romance #27 – Appreciate Him
  1. I find it interesting that after our discussion today I find this post in my angst to learn how to blog… or should I say, “In my angst to learn how to blog, I find it interesting that I found this post…especially after our discussion today! Joe said basically what your husband said…” I treat you special everyday.” It did make me feel blessed to have someone that treats me like it’s Valentines Day everyday! That’s what love is supposed to be about. I won’t forget! It’s not the words…it’s the daily actions 🙂

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