Miss Me, Miss Me, Now You Got To Kiss Me!

Last week, I shared with you about how my younger two children have been in a war between push and shove. This week that war has turned into a game for my youngest.  After being shoved to the floor a few times, my youngest now runs away singing, “Miss me, miss me, now you got to kiss me!” Which of course, she’ll skid to a halt, pucker up, and wait for her kiss.

Since it is a long known fact that brothers don’t like to kiss sisters, let alone get close enough for any of those girly germs, she is often left puckered and disappointed. Her brother simply crosses his arms and turns his cheeks with a loud “Humph”.

During quiet time, when my youngest are napping, I dive into writing – hoping to hit my word count goal for the day. Soon I will hear the sweet melody of little girl singing “Mary had a Little Lamb” and “Jesus Loves Me” until she falls asleep. When the nap has ended, I too hear again that sweet little voice, this time singing “Miss me, miss me, now you got to kiss me!”

There is no better way to wrap up a session of writing then with a big kiss and lovable hugs from my little girl. Too soon, I am tackled by my son and we head off to greet my oldest daughter off the school bus. Another round of hugs awaits me.

Without the song and dance, I greet my husband when he comes home, and in the background are the squeals and sounds of children watching their parents kiss each other hello. Quietly I chant to him, “Miss me, miss me, now you got to kiss me.” A round of laughter and smiles fills the threshold of our home as supper waits to be tended.

I can only imagine what the next week shall bring, as we prepare for another trip, preschool outings, and I ponder the rewrite of a current manuscript.

There is never a dull moment in this house, whether I write or chase after children.

Miss me, miss me, now you got to kiss me!



Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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One comment on “Miss Me, Miss Me, Now You Got To Kiss Me!
  1. Very nice. What a sweet post. Enjoyed it.

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