Cinderella Slippers

Last weekend, I headed out with my sisters for our annual spring shopping trip to a local mall. I enjoy these rare moments when I get to spend time with my sisters. It’s always a treat – in more ways than one.

For this particular shopping trip I left the kids to spend time with Grandma, still in their pajamas and watching cartoons.

We started out at Kohl’s where my older sister couldn’t decide on a dress, and didn’t want to try it on. So there I was standing in the middle of the women’s section wearing this dress over top of my faded jeans and chocolate-brown shirt. The flare of the bright gold and orange of the dress didn’t suit me, but would have looked lovely on my sister. Sigh, but we hung it back up and moved on.

During the whole trip, I had one purpose  – to find a pair of shoes to match my dress for this year’s RWA (Romance Writers’ of America) national conference this summer.  The shoes, which my daughters refer to as my “Cinderella Slippers” are a perfect match with their silver straps, glitter rhinestone, and clear molding around the toe. Thus, earning the name, “Cinderella Slippers”.

Cinderella Slippers

As enchanting as Cinderella is, I found something even more romantic and enchanting while standing in line at a shoe store in the mall to purchase my Cinderella slippers. I met a man named Jeremy.

Jeremy stood in the line in front of me, where after participating in a conversation of gift planning for a the popcorn, couch snuggling, movie lover, I came to find out how Jeremy proposed to his fiance’.  I wrote it down, and yes, you probably see it popping up in the current manuscript I’m working on, even my sisters agreed it was romantic indeed.

For you see, Jeremy left his girlfriend a trail of chocolate kisses from the front door up to the bathroom of her home, where as she entered the bathroom a dozen red roses were hung from the shower curtain. On a note he wrote, “Now that I have kissed the ground of which you walk on and showered you with roses, will you marry me?”

Thank you, Jeremy, for inspiring the heart of an inspirational writer.

I took my Cinderella slippers and headed for my favorite eating establishment – Applebees. The oriental salad was excellent, as well as the sampler platter which I shared with my sisters.

It was a long and productive trip, and even though I am anxious to wear my Cinderella slippers this summer in Nashville, I will never forget my trip to the shoe store.


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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  1. […] to the recent change in location, I regret to say I’ll be packing away my Cinderella slippers and unable to attend this year’s conference. I don’t think my kids would ever be able […]

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