This Mom has gone PRO

Motherhood, like writing has its milestones.  Motherhood in itself gives us a title – MOM. We evolve into motherhood through pregnancy and the birth of a child. Every stage is a milestone. Holding our baby, watching that first smile, hearing that first word, and witnessing those first few steps – milestones.

As a mom I’ve been blessed to have been a apart of many milestones, including my own.

Last week, I reached a milestone of my own, in writing.

Like motherhood, being a writer also presents you with opportunities to grow. Each new word, phrase, and page takes use farther into our story. Just like every re-write, revision, and grammar corrections strengthen our story, we grow in our craft and accomplish our own type of milestones.

Last week, this mom went Pro!

Professional mom, absolutely.

However, my PRO recognition also comes in another form, I guess you could say I’ve master another milestone or climbed up another rung in the ladder of my writing career. 

I was dubbed PRO by Romance Writer’s of America, that in itself is an accomplishment that comes as a blessing.

So, what does it mean for this mom to be PRO?

In order to achieve Pro status with the Romance Writer’s of America, you must write an entire manuscript. Then you must show proof that your manuscript has been or currently being reviewed by a publisher or literary agent in your genre. For those who have accomplished this, it is something to smile about indeed.

Like a baby, a manuscript can take up to nine months, or even more to write and prepare for an editor’s desk. It too, has a way of screaming at its mother for attention. Once written, it too wants to blossom and grow to its full potential from creation to a mature novel.

So, as I prepare to travel to the National Conference this summer hosted by Romance Writers of America, my badge  will recognize me as PRO, and already a whole new network has opened up to me that has promised to be a great resource to a mom like me who loves to write-through motherhood.


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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