A Celebration of Motherhood

Motherhood is an adventurous task from day-to-day.  You never can tell what obstacle and opportunities await. Today, however, is a day of recognition and celebration of this journey called motherhood. 

It’s a day we call our mothers and thank them for the efforts of our upbringing.

We send our heartfelt appreciation through cards, flowers, dinner out, and hand-made crafts.

This year is no different.

I stood amongst the many mothers in our church today during a round of applause.  I remembered some words my husband had told our children only days before, “Mother’s day should be everyday.”

As I look back to my own mother, I could not fully appreciate the journey she’d taken as mother until I too had my first baby.  Now three children later, I look to my mom for guidance, encouragement, and lending a hand when the task feels too difficult.

This mother’s day, my oldest daughter came to me and asked for some Mold Magic from Crayola we had left from our recent trip there back in Easter – See post titled: Tripp’n in Philly. She told me she was making me a mother’s day present.

The photo of the heart above that says, “I love you,” is the gift she made me.  She’d spent most of her Saturday morning creating, coloring, and shaping this gift. Then she took some construction paper and wrapped it using the stapler out of the little nook in the house I call my office.

My son brought me home a potted flower a few days ago from his preschool and a special book he’d made with  drawings of pictures of my favorite things: food, people, and he wrote “I love you” on the last page.

My youngest daughter doesn’t understand mother’s day just yet. To her every day is mothers day. Everyday we cuddle during quiet time, share hugs, and I answer silly questions like “Why?” and “What’s that”, but that’s what mom’s do right?

Yesterday, my oldest daughter, Bella, shared with me a story she had written based on her spelling words at school.  The story was a about a raccoon sharing a meal of spaghetti and ice cream with other animal friends and sitting around the table as we often do for meals as a family.

Moms, if you don’t think your kids are listening to you, they are.  The fruits of your labor will flourish when you least expect it,but by all means keep planting those seeds.

I’d like to say as I write this that my kids are making supper or cleaning the house, but in all reality I’m grateful that they are not. At least until they are old enough to understand to clean up their messes so mom doesn’t have to on a day she’d rather relax.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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