Write From Camp

“I’m gonna sleep in a tent. I’m gonna sleep in a tent.” My two and a half daughter sing songed while skipping the whole way to the washroom and back before our first night of sleeping at our camp site. 

As you can see from the picture above, Camp Lower was in the process of being set-up and the kids were excited.

Later, as we settled down into our sleeping bags for the night, my oldest daughter said, “Mom I can’t sleep, it’s too noisy.”  I listened for a moment to the small stream babbling behind our tent, to the muffled voices of campers on other sites nearby, a car door shut, and sounds of wiggling children getting comfortable in their new make-shift beds.

“Shhh…” I said, “Just go to sleep.”  These sounds were peaceful compared to the busy traffic of our street at home, neighbors yelling, or sirens going off in town.  As I fell off to sleep, I wondered how many times during the night I would have to take a child to the bathroom due to the babbling stream.

None. However,in the early hours of morning, while campers still slept my oldest daughter decided to explore the stream. She ended up exploring the emergency room.

Before breakfast, my oldest daughter had a ton of bumps and bruises and came walking out of the woods like a mud monster from Scooby Doo – crying.  She’d slipped in the stream trying to pick up a log too heavy and ended up with badly bruised fingers and shoulder.  Along with bruises down her legs and a scrapped knee.

Camp had officially started. 

Later that same evening, my youngest daughter remarked, “Look Mommy, there’s a spider in my pants!” as I helped her change her clothes. My heart sped and my jaw went lax. Her “spider” was no spider, but a tick – a BIG tick.  I yelled for my husband.

“No Mommy, No!” screamed my youngest daughter. “Don’t take my spider!”

Take indeed, another trip to the nearest Emergency Room. 

After the first trip, my husband had told a nurse, “I hope I never see you, again.”

I looked at my son and said, “Don’t even think about it.”

As Saturday turned into Sunday, I rose with the sun. Under the shade of the forest and the light of the morning sun, I sat at picnic table to write. All was quiet. Smells of cook fires drifted lazily in the air.  I heard the tent door zipper open and my husband emerge.  We left the kids sleeping under the supervision of a relative and headed off to the showers. 

The morning proved glorious. All incidents aside, our second day at camp, we headed to the lake for some family fun. I watched as my children splashed in the lake, buildt sand castles, and learned to cast their new fishing rods.  Along the way we took a canoe ride and by evening my two youngest children had fallen asleep before the fire was even ready for cooking mountain pies.

Now that, any mother would agree, is something to write about!


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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One comment on “Write From Camp
  1. campingshop says:

    Well it certainly sounds like you had an adventure that you will all remember…thats the beauty of camping really isn’t it!! So lovely to know and hear of the excitement of children camping 🙂

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