Pumpkin Soup

So how do you turn a pumpkin into a vegetable?

You throw it up in the air and it comes down – SQUASH!

Okay, a little monday morning humor for everyone, straight from my eight year old. It made me giggle when she read me that joke from a book she brought home from the school library.

I thought it appropriate for today’s post, as last week, Bug and I headed off the Pumpkin Patch with her preschool. It’s odd after two years of my son going to preschool that we’ve transitioned to Bug. That’s not the only transition.

A few days ago I read a friend’s post on face book. Basically that post was about the mother screwing up something for her child and she wrote it was the #387th reason why she was going to win the mommy award with her kids.

I felt that way too, on the same day or her post.

We dropped off my two oldest at the bus stop, and Bug and I headed to the pumpkin patch, only when we got there, no one else was. Lucky, we ran into the press. Seems like the local newspaper photographer was at the wrong place,too.

Automatically, I assumed since for the past two years we’d gone to a particular place for our annual preschool hayride and pumpkin picking that this year would be the same. Now, if I was one of those awesome mom’s I probably would have read that the name of the farm had changed. But, in my defense, both places started with an “S” had a “y” in the name and ended with “er”.

So much for proofing my copy of instructions for the day.

Bug and I followed the photographer to the right farm, but her class had already gotten on the hay ride. So, we entered a corn maze and picked our pumpkins while her class was out joy riding.

Oh, did I forget to mention that just around the time we arrived at the right place, it began to rain. Yep, wouldn’t be a preschool field trip it didn’t rain. Last year, it snowed, then poured down rain for pumpkin picking.

When Bug’s class came back to pick their pumpkins we jumped on the hay ride with a different class. As we rode, we spotted geese and made new friends. After snack it was time to head on back home to the warm and dry.

When I asked Bug what she wanted for lunch she yawned and told me “pumpkin soup.” Of course I asked her, “how am I supposed to make pumpkin soup?”

Bug pointed to her pumpkin and said, “with a pumpkin.”

A novel idea.

Anyone got any good pumpkin soup recipes?


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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