What’s in a name?

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A few weeks ago, my son brought home this little cut out boy he had colored. Then he asked me, “Mom, how did you name me?” It was part of his homework assignment.

It had me thinking how interesting it can be sometimes when we pick out names. My son’s name came from the bible, a math test bonus question, and to add a little irony his initials MXL just happen to stand for 1040 in roman greek letters. Why the irony? Because my son was born during tax season, at which time I was working as a professional tax preparer. Yep, ironic. That and his birth story have become really great conversation topics.

When it came to naming my daughters, I knew my oldest daughter would be Bella before she was conceived. It’s one of those things were you have a name you love and just wait until you can use it. With my youngest daughter, well I admit, the day after she was born we were searching through the baby book trying to agree upon something.

How we name our kids is kinda like I name my characters in my books too. A name can say a lot about who a person is and gives a feeling about who they will become.

I recently pulled out a manuscript I wrote several years ago and revised it. The two main character’s names are Seth Jones and Violet Harding. So what does that tell you about who they are?

Well, Seth Jones is a broker for Smith & Jones Realty – hence his last name “Jones” and Violet Harding, isn’t the nicest person to meet for the first time. However, Violet itself has become a really popular first name lately. I’ve heard it over at Elaine Johnson’s blog and Jennie Cruise’s blog as the names of their main characters in books they have coming out soon.

My Violet has a hard shell around her heart, one that Seth Jones is determined to crack. Once you know why Violet keeps this shell up, you begin to understand her attitude and as she softens up and lets her shell open, like a flower, you too, will fall in love with her.

Usually, when I’m searching for a name I turn to several resources, babynames.com, a baby name book on the shelf, and my family. No, I don’t use “family names”, I just ask family members what they think of a particular name and what type of person can they envision with that name.

Like Violet, with her violet eyes and honey colored hair. She’s a splash of color against a white board and vibrant in a rather dull place in the world.

So, what’s in your name?


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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