When It Comes Down To It At The End Of The Day

November has gone quickly.  Just to sum it: NanoWrimo: 22,896 words (combination of three current works in progress)

One week of strep throat.

Three days of eating turkey

One day of being blessed by my family.

Not a bad month, if you ask me.

Today I received confirmation that my manuscript was received for RWA’s Golden Heart Contest. One task down, just a few more to go.

I’ve been working on three projects this month. As we head into December, my goal is to revise Forgotten Reins and have it sent in to the Agent who requested it before the new year.

My second project is a fantasy fiction YA novel. I’ve been working on it in spurts as I continue to work on Planet Mitch.

Morning Glory is on hold until January, You may remember me mentioning it is the first book of  series that goes along with my Golden Heart Entry, I’ve promised my kids I’d finish Planet Mitch and start submitting it for publication in the new year.

The first book of Planet Mitch is currently floating around with some Beta’s as I work to untangle book two. Book Two was written in the Planet Mitch Series, but too much was happening and it was w-a-y to long. So I’ve been detangling it and splitting it into two books.

So right now, poor Mitch is having to deal with a fashion diva that has to turn back into star-dust before Mitch’s father gets home from a meeting of the astronomers society. Yeah, you thought you had problems. Along with the fashion Diva, Mitch still has to put up with that pesky little sister of his and try to keep balance between his friends and his star friend Ursa.

See what I mean about untangling?

My kids love it, the girls think it’s hilarious that Mitch is stuck with all this girl stuff going on and my son strongly disagrees. “That’s just not fair,Mom” he tells me. We’ll just see what happens.

Tomorrow is my deadline for submitting my christmas story for our annual publication in the local newspaper. I’m currently playing around with the title: “All I Want For Christmas,” “My ding-a-ling,” or maybe “Bell’s New Ring.”

Can you guess what the story is about?

We just might get a little crafty on friday.


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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