Blog Design 101

One of my favorite shows is HGTV’s Design on a Dime. There are several other shows like Trading Spaces and Candice Olson that all help transform a bland space into something with personality.

Now that you’ve formulated your blog’s layout, it’s time to pretend you’re a design star. Only now, we’re designing your blog and not a room in your house. You might find
some of the concepts behind your blog design and your home designs are similar.

So here are the seven main things you want to keep in mind while designing your blog.



  • Beware of dark backgrounds
  • Avoid small and odd color fonts
  • White space – too much? Too little?
  • Length of Paragraphs
  • Music? – DON’T!
  • Comments
  • Follow  widget – MUST HAVE!

If you’re a writer, then you’re familiar with the term “show, don’t tell.” Rather than me telling you about blog design, I want to share with you the before and after of a blog inspired by its author after attending my class “Get Your Blog On” a few weeks ago at St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference.

This is the author’s original blog. Go ahead and check it out.

Now after you’ve visited there, check out the new blog the author created here.

What do you notice in the changes? Good? Bad? It’s okay, you can place your comments below.

Just for a minute though, I want us to return to the seven things listed above. I know many of you may thinking “Beware of dark backgrounds, but your background is dark.” And you’re right, my blog background is dark, however, my columns are white in order to offset the darkness. The eyes of my readers (Hi everybody!) is
immediately drawn to my content and not lost to my visitors. And you never know, you may come back and find I have a completely different background. Like moving your furniture in your living room, you can also change the wall color from time to time. You blog is just like another room in your house, as much time as you’ll spend writing there, you’ll see what I mean.

But your design is more than just colors and loaded templates with graphics. It’s also adding flare to your design. This is where your widgets come in. You hang pictures on your walls of your home, thus we add widgets to our blogs.

Which leads us into tomorrow…

I’d love to see your designs thus far if you’d like to share them in the comment section below.


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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2 comments on “Blog Design 101
  1. It was funny when I came to visit to find we’re using the same theme for our blogs, Susan. You’ll find mine at

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