One Foot On The Dashboard

Sometimes when I’m driving alone in the family car I like to turn off the radio and just think. Sometimes, while watching the road, I see interesting things and come up with ideas to add to my stories. It isn’t until you don’t have something that you really begin to miss it – like working car gauges, a radio, or even heat. (It was a tad chilly that day.)

LESSON #7 – When all else fails, pray. God doesn’t mind being a backseat driver.

With the car #2 loaded up on the back of the car trailer, my  husband gives me the option of driving car #1 or driving the truck with car #2. Since we didn’t opt to take the extra insurance on the truck and car trailer from the rental place, I thought, nope I’ll let Chad (my husband) drive the truck. Least something happens it’s his fault. (Lesson 7 1/2 – always find a way to avoid situation where the blame may fall on you.)

How hard could driving car #1 be right?

We were told the previous owner’s son had driven the car a few days the week before. It was a good thing there was a gas station a few feet down the road from where we got the car. Apparently, college boys don’t think to refill the tank on their dad’s cars. However, it wouldn’t have mattered – the gas gauge doesn’t go past half full. It doesn’t tell you it’s half-empty either. You just have to wait till the gas light comes on. No problem, I figure the car can go a good 300 miles on a full tank, I’ll just set the trip tick on the dash.

I slip into the car, Put on my seat belt and reach for the gas petal. Not happening. Granted I’m not short. Probably why I got recruited to play basketball when I was in highschool, but the dash covering the gas petal made it impossible to drive!

Hence, today’s title, one foot on the dashboard. With my left foot holding up the dash-board, I drove the car home. It actually gets kinda of awkward. When we filled up the tank with gas, we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. It was late in the afternoon. I grabbed burgers to go inside a local McDonald’s while Chad filled up the cars for the ride.

At this point, I couldn’t even put my window down to talk to him for a second. There’s no window switch on the doors! It’s obvious I’ve never driven a BMW. Most cars have window handles or switches on the door. After giving up, Chad points out the window switch is between the seats by the gear shift. Who would have thought! Silly Susan!

Tank filled, Food, and windows working, we check the lights just for good measure. We’re good to go. I pull car #1 out onto the highway and notice instantly that my speedometer jumps up to 60mph, okay no biggy I’m within the speed limit. Then two second later, with an eighteen wheeler flying by me I realize I can’t be going sixty. Maybe forty just getting off the ramp. I look again at the speedometer, it falls from sixty to twenty. What?!?!

I push the petal down and go a little faster. We’re stuck on 20 mph. Okay, so the speedometer doesn’t work. I was just going to follow behind car #2 anyway. I look up, several lights are flashing at me and the check engine light comes on. I take a deep breath and begin to pray. The car is telling me I need brake fluid, oil checked, my rear lights need checked, and coolant is low. (Psst… it’s over a hundred miles home!)

I reach for the radio, thinking I’ll distract myself. Then I remember there isn’t one.



Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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