The Great Car Swap

So today my tale of the two BMW cars continues…

Lesson #4 When things don’t go the way your husband hopes, just smile and say “I love you.” (This being for your benefit more so than his.)

Yesterday, I left off at the part of traveling to pick up the BMW cars. It turns out that one car could not be drove legally on the highway. Not that the car didn’t start, but simply because it didn’t have an appropriate title for licensing it. Perhaps that is why it was appropriately referred to as the “parts car” in the auction.

Of course, plan A got totally shot out of the water. This was the plan were we drove the cars home and sold the one we didn’t want. Nope, not gonna happen.

Now plan B, got a little trickier. It involved paying a family member with a truck and trailer to haul car #2 home for us. Not happening, not until at least the crops were cut and the next free day was a during the week.

Then there was plan C. We rent a truck ourselves and haul one car home and drive the other. Not a bad idea. Except after hours of being on the phone all day, the only accomplished is that pick up truck rentals either don’t come with a hitch or they’re not available for one way trips. The rentals places don’t give you enough mileage not to charge an arm and a leg for a round trip either.

Which leads us to PLAN D – THE CAR SWAP PLAN.

I just want to say thank goodness for good friends, I dropped the kiddos off for a play date in the family taxi. Hubby and I jumped in a rental car and drove several hours to our destination. We swapped cars again. This time, we swapped for a small moving truck with a car trailer. It’s gets confusing. Even the poor guy who did our paperwork for the rentals were confused. Our pick up locations were not correct and we were delayed on getting to our original destination – the cars.

After years of straddling a wagon tongue and hitching equipment to tractors, I found myself annoyed with the renal personal not being able to hitch a car trailer to a truck. It was one of those moments where I had to pray for patience, unknowingly at the time that more prayer would be needed later that day.

Lesson #5 – Everything that can go wrong, shall go wrong. It’s how you handle the situation that counts.

Finally, we get to the BMW cars. I’m not saying anything. I’m pretty sure my face says it all. A picture may say a thousand words, but sometimes a picture can not say enough to tell us the hidden details. Such was the case of our two BMWs.

I love my husband though, (I’ve said it before too). When making a purchase on eBay you trust what the seller is telling you as accurate. It is also hard to determine what is not written in a description that can make or break a sale. Just like any other auction on eBay, a bid is a binding contract. My husband never asked to get out of the deal or renegotiate. Simply not done. He was keeping his end of the auction requirements.

LESSON # 6 – Don’t relay on each other to have an essential object without first asking to make sure you’re on the same line of communication.

“Hello, did you get that insurance card I gave you in the truck?” His reply, “I assumed since you had it you brought it with you.” It’s 1:45pm and the notary closes at 2pm. There’s no coming back tomorrow. 1. they’re closed on Sunday. 2. there’s no kids playdate 3. it’s a long drive one way.

Needless to say, we rode with the previous owners to the notary and they had to drive us back to the truck to get the insurance card that was on the dash. Without a minute to spare, and a wonderful employee working overtime, we became the owners of two BMW cars.

I’m proud of my husband for being so honorable. I’d like to kick him (if you haven’t been able to tell already) for what is about to come next.

And that my friends will have to wait and be continued….


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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