The Road Home

LESSON # 8 When you think you’re in your darkest hour, it can always get worse. Remember God will never leave you.

I hit a point during the drive where I’m three cars back from car#2 and try to speed up. Car #1 veers to the left when I accurate. Not good. I slow back down and keep at my steady pace. Lucky, I’d charged the battery on our GPS and had it attached to the dashboard. Only I had the a cellphone, so no calling Chad for help. (One of these days, I might be able to talk him into getting one too.) So I could make it home, but if I broke down I’d just have to wait for him to realize I wasn’t behind him anymore.

I start to hear some wind coming through the passenger side door. I’ve got my drink from McDonald’s between my legs, (yeah, there’s no cup holder), and my toes are starting to go numb on my left foot from holding up the dashboard so I can drive. Next thing I know, the passenger side door starts to open!!

I reach for it, but there’s no door handle. Forunetaly, I grab the top part of the door by the window and pull it shut again. My drink tips and my leg gets wet. Letting go of the door I set my drink on the floor in the passenger side. If it spills, no big deal the interior could use a good scrubbing anyway, I tell myself.

Not five minutes later, the door takes on wind again. I yank it shut the best I can, this time hitting the lock. I say another little prayer for the lock to work.

Meanwhile, my kiddos are having a blast playing baseball at a friend’s house. I can’t wait to get home and see them. I grip the steering wheel and concentrate on getting home.

Chad pull truck and car#2 over on the side of the road. I brake and brake, and brake. My brakes are like a sponge. Finally, stopped behind him, he checks on car #2, and we investigate car #1’s door problem. No handle does make it hard to keep it shut, but luckily the lock is holding.  He agrees we go slower and take it easy.

About 1/3 of the way from home we stop again. I pull up beside him at a rest stop. He rolls down the window and blares his radio. I’m not amused. He thinks he’s being nice in a sarcastic way. I ran out of humor over sixty miles ago. It’s then when I realize my trip tick on the car says I’ve driven 3 miles. 3 MILES!

I take a deep breath and take it in stride. I’m almost home.

LESSON #9 There’s no place like home.

Seeing our house was big relief, and knowing there was no way car #1 or car #2 would be sitting in the driveway the next morning made me feel better. We dropped them off at our local mechanics for a detailed inspection. Or more likely, a detailed list of everything car #1 will need to pass inspection. I can think of a few things on my own, can’t you?

When all said and done, car #1’s trip tick says I drove a total of 4 miles. I wonder if it wasn’t counting 4th’s as I went just over a hunderd miles.

As for car #2, we’ll see if it’s worth fixing.

I’ll keep you posted on new updates as the tale of two BMW’s is far from over.

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Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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