Doin’ the Blog Hop

Last week we talk about lending out our blogs, so I thought we would continue that discussion by moving on to blog hopping. Let me assure you, it’s as hip as it sounds. A blog hop is a big party. It’s like being invited to three different parties on the same night. You start out at Aunt Edna’s 100th birthday party, then move on to the local hangout in town, and finally end up at cousin Jim’s where you crash for the night.

Only, when blogging, the party starts with a link. And everybody knows the more the merry when you’re having a party, right?

Like most parties, most blog hops have a common theme and a frequent occurence – like once a week. Blog hopping is fun! You will discover new cool sites and open your social network further by sharing your own link. You never go to a party and not meet someone new. It’s like playing those introduction games where everyone says their name and you have to guess something about them – just without the guessing part.

But just like a party, you want people to know you were there. You can stop in and give Aunt Edna a hug and she might remember you if your lucky. If you sign a guest book, she’ll have proof you showed up, that or somebody else signed your name. So be sure when you drop in a visit another blog during a blog hop that you leave a comment. It’s like signing the guest book.

And like your mother always used to say, if you  have nothing nice to say, find something positive anyway. :p

So how do you get the party started?

First – Seek out and join in with blog hops that interest you. There are tons of blog hops for crafters, parents, and writers.

Second – Play nice, make friends, and join in on the fun.

Third – Return the favor. Host your own blog hop and invite your new blogger friends to join in on the fun.

When you host a blog hop, it’s a lot like planning a party. You must prepare the invites. Once you receive R.S.V.P’s from those attending then you must decide what to serve your guests. In this case, you’ll take the links from your confirmation participation and exchange links with them. For example, I would attach a link to my blog that would take you to Blog B. At Blog B’s post you would find a link to Blog C’s post and Blog C would link to Blog D and so forth for the last blog thanking your guest for joining in on the fun.

You can create cute little blog hop images for inside your post, like this one from Joy’s Life.

Two weeks from now, we’ll turn this talk into a hop. You’ve now been officially invited to my holiday blog hop. I can’t wait to link up with you all for a festive Tuesday. 🙂 If you would like to participate please contact me with your link. I’ll try to create a cute little button just for the occasion.

See you tomorrow, I’ve a great book review to share.

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to be doin’ the blog hop, how about you?


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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3 comments on “Doin’ the Blog Hop
  1. Sue F says:

    Not sure I entirely understand, but I’m game! My blog:

  2. Sue F says:

    Not sure I completely understand, but I’m game!

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