Nanowrimo Wrap Up

oops! So I realized today, that yesterday’s post never made an appearance. I have to admit that I’ve been staying up late working on the novel and Christmas presents while the kids are sleeping. And I goofed, I wrote the post, a really great book I just read, and scheduled it to post on November 30th, except I hit the wrong button and scheduled it for 11/30/2012. Yeah, silly me!

Please forgive me, I’m only human. Now it’s time to move on to.. today’s post. But please note I’ve rescheduled the post for next Wednesday. Sorry to keep you waiting. Since today is December 1st I wanted to update you on the Nanowrimo results.

Drum roll….

This number is the closet I could find, but actually yesterday I ended the month with 30,704 words. 😦 I didn’t make 50,000 but I gave it my all. I’m very surprised I made it this far as prior  years I don’t think I came over 20,000, so this is an achievement for me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t meet the 50,000 goal, but I did my best and I’m not finished with the novel just because National Writing Month is over. Today, I wrote. I’m writing now. I’ve added about 2,000 words since yesterday. It doesn’t sound like a lot of words, but trust me once I breakdown the month for you, you can see that being a writer doesn’t mean you always are glued to your keyboard. I’m also glued to my family, friends, and helping out in the community.

First of all, I think I’ve said this before, writing a novel is an art. It takes time. In all honesty, you can’t write a completed novel in a month. Your english teacher in High School handed back that essay two or three times before he/she accepted your final draft. That’s writing a book, except it’s a lot more words and a lot more pages.

I’m almost halfway through and I’m still writing, plotting, and amazed where the characters of this WIP is taking me. It’s like I’m the one along for the ride and I love that about storytelling. Next week, I’ll introduce you to my characters and some the cool background of the Kentucky setting this book takes place in. Lots of history in the area and never a dull moment, just like the Lower household.

This month, along with trying to type out 50,000 words, we had a holiday. But before that, I had a child with no school for a week, a family emergency, a leaky roof, article and story deadlines, friends in need, and the inability to just say “no”. If you’ve ever seen Bug’s puppy dog eye look, you wouldn’t be able to say no either to her cute little face. And three sets of puppy dog eyes… yeah.. I don’t stand a chance!!

Tomorrow is First Friday, and Saturday we’re saying hello to Santa for Bug’s school fundraiser. I’ll be back on Monday to share a simple holiday project with the kids.

If you haven’t signed up for next Tuesday’s (December 13th) blog hop, send me a line. I’d love to have you join the fun.

In the mean time, have an awesome weekend!


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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