Book Review: Are You There Blog?

It has taken me some time to read, re-read, and digest all the helpful insights that Kristen Lamb’s book ARE YOU THERE BLOG? ITS ME WRITER has to offer.

I admit, I hated having to give this book back to our local library where I came across it, and have since put it on my Christmas list this year for future reference. I don’t think you can read this book too many times. It’s just that packed with great advice for bloggers.

But Kristen Lamb doesn’t stop there you can check out her site for more helpful information and once I finished ARE YOU THERE BLOG, ITS ME WRITER, I dove straight into reading her other book, WE ARE NOT ALONE: THE WRITERS GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA.

Remember my days of camp recovery? Yep, that was me reading one book after another. Many of the changes here on my site are thanks to the suggestions of reading Kristen’s book. Whether you are just entering the blogosphere have been floating around for a while, you’ll still want to read this book.

Even though I wrote myself a ton of notes and made a to-do list of suggestions based on Kristen’s advice, I’m looking forward to reading the book again. If you attend one of my blogging classes this spring, you’ll find ARE YOU THERE BLOG? ITS ME WRITER. as part of recommended resources.

Tomorrow I’ll be locked away in the studio, just me and the next chapter of my WIP – UNBRIDLED. I just might give you a sneak peek introduction to my characters Jenny and Cade, so be sure to stop by.

And Tuesday we’re blog hopping, send in your RSVP now and join the link party. You and your blog will both be glad you did. 🙂


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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