What’s Outside Your Studio Window?

Sometimes as artists, authors, and crafters we get so caught up in our projects that we forget about what’s going on outside our studio windows.
The one complaint I hear from those cooped up in their studios is that the public doesn’t support them enough. They’re under paid, under appreciated, and they don’t want to participate in community efforts because the community doesn’t give back.
So, today I want to point one very important thing out. Some one once said it and it holds true today. “You must give something to receive something back.” I know you all have heard it before. A financial planner will tell you that in order to see a return from your investment you must first take a risk on a chosen investment.
As an artist, author, or crafter only half of your investment is your work. Without the public, community, you have nothing to invest in. The interest of your investment comes in the form of fans, followers, and sales of your work.
But how do you do that, right?
First you must look outside your studio window. Out there is a community full of people who can’t wait to meet you. Each one of those people of their own hopes, dreams, and daily dilemmas. Just like you. Unlike you, most of them are running on schedules of work, children’s activities, and family obligations.
Don’t get me wrong, you may have those too. You also have a craft to sell.
When is the last time you left your studio and attended a community event. Have you gone to another photographer’s show, participated in a charitable cause? Have you said hello to the guy who you pass at the bus stop each day? Each one of these people and organizations have the potential to be your clientele.
Clientele = fans = sales
It’s a little known fact, too, that people are more likely to buy from you if they know you. Now, how much you decided to tell people about yourself is your choice. You always want to keep in mind that some things are too private to share.  Like never announcing on social networking sites that you or your home is vulnerable. Studio included.
This week, I challenge. Take a walk around the block. Visit an art gallery. Go somewhere your idle clientele might visit on a Saturday morning. Lock your studio door and instead of watching what’s going on outside your studio window– become a part of it.
I can’t wait to hear what you all did.

Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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