Wild Chickens And Other Monsters That Crow

I’ve been running around our house like a wild chicken. If I could have, I probably taken flight every time one of the Lower kiddos ran around a corner and scared me a few times. They may have gotten a good laugh out of it, but mom sure didn’t.

I’ve been in hot pursuit of a missing research binder for a story I’ve been trying to finish these past few weeks. I apologize as I now realize that I didn’t schedule any posts ahead of time and didn’t realize the crickets were chirping again. I can just imagine the orchestra I’d have on my back porch with monster sounds, crowing, chirping, and wild chickens taking flight around this place. It would be a zoo!!

Actually, the past few weeks have really felt like a zoo around here.

Somewhere between moving my studio to a new location I misplaced a binder full of notes on a novel I’ve been slowly gathering info and writing for past few years. I decided I would finish it. It seems the odds are against me. I had lost some my writing files last summer when my computer crashed and all my files hadn’t been backed up like I though they were.

If you asked my oldest daughter, she would tell you a monster came out in the dark and ate my research binder.  (One day she will make a great novelist.)

I’ll probably never find my binder and I’ll have to do the research over and make up some new names for monsters that may or may not be better than the first ones I created.

If there has been anything I have learned these past few weeks it is this:

Stories are like wild chickens, some times you can chase after them and never catch them. 

Then there are the monsters.

monster compliments of aproverbs31wife

We create them. So, we can slay them.

Most of them are scary. Most of them hid from us just as we hide from them.

Every night I go through our house and lock the doors and check the closets.  It makes me feel safe. But there are monsters that slip under the doors in our lives that we can’t lock out, we can’t hide from them, and we can’t ignore them. There is only one thing we can do with a monster.

Fee it some wild chickens and buy it a plane ticket to the other side of the world.

Then pray it doesn’t come back.

Or, we can just slay the monster and live for today.

With or without my binder my story will go on. With or without the troubles in our lives, our days will continue. It’s how we face those troublesome monsters that makes us heros in our won story.

I have a few monsters I need to slay this week. Things that  I did’t think I could control, but I can.

I’m off to slay a monster.

What monsters do you have lurking about?



Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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