Got Bacon?

It’s becoming a Saturday morning tradition in our house to have bacon with eggs and pancakes. Home on the farm, you don’t usually have to worry too much about calories for a big breakfast like this one, you usually have it worked off by lunch.


So, were does bacon come from when you live on a farm?

If you would have asked my kids a few weeks ago, they would have told you the butcher shop or meat deli at the grocery store. Today, they know better.


Because we had the pigs butchered a few weeks ago. A little early, but still we’ve got fresh bacon in the freezer now.

Here on our urban plot in town, we don’t have animals. Okay, just Bell’s bearded lizard, who has become more of a family member then pet. Not that we’d ever eat a lizard, mind you. 

Yet, we had a potbellied pig for a long time before we moved to our current home, and the kids have always fed the pigs and visited them when we’ve gone home to the farm.

They look dirty and smelling, but they are fun to feed and play with here.

got bacon?

Then they go on the trailer and come back looking like this:


Really, most pigs usually on live a few years. Long enough to fatten up for pork if they are a boar (male pig) and a few extra years if they are female in order to provide and care for more litters of piglets.

I know that might sound cruel, but it’s just the cycle of life. Especially, if God created you with spit hoof and declared you to be food for humans. Besides, you got to love bacon.

I know it’s bad for cholesterol and all, but really.. it’s bacon! It’s crunchy and the taste just saturates your mouth with it’s rich flavor. Alright, maybe not everyone likes bacon. Can you tell that I do?

Probably one of the best inventions aside from freezer paper and tape is this bag sealer that makes it so much better when you’re packing a hundred pounds of pork. It cuts time in half for prepping all this and getting it in the freezer.

bagged sausage

This whole process was old hat for me, but pass the cap off to the kiddos and watching them discover the life cycle of a pig was an experience I’m sure we all learned something from. Bell refuses to eat pork right now. I’m sure some animal activists are cheering her own, but trust me after smelling the bacon at breakfast this morning, it’ll won’t be long before she’s asking for some.

I had mine smoked, but I’m thinking I just might add some herbs next time and flavor them up a bit.

What do you think?

Got bacon?


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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