Meet This Year’s Nanowrimo Novel Characters

Officially we’re about halfway through Nanowrimo. For those just joining in, it’s national write a book in a month  for November.

If you’ve been following along on pinterest then you’ve seen my Maiden’s of Virtue board. If you haven’t, you can find it here. It’s a little messy and we’ll clean it up later. I’m busying writing a novel right now. 🙂

Many of you who have participated in my posts on facebook have helped named several of my characters. Today, I thought I’d introduce them to you in a little more detail and give you a feel for my cast and where I’m at in the story. Keep in mind, all these photos come from other sources. I don’t own them, they were shared through different webs of connections of boards on pinterest. So now that I’ve given credit where credit is due– meet this year’s nanowrimo novel characters:


During the great raid and execution of her land, she was switched at birth and smuggled out of the capital. She’s been living in a hidden camp with a bunch of other women and girls who also escaped the execution. She has been learning to defend herself with sword, arrow, and spear for the past seventeen years. Now that the king who conquered the land is dead, she is forced to return to her birth mother and bethrothed to the boy child that took her place in her mother’s arms all those years ago. She would rather be back at her encampment with her friends then play the princess in the palace and marry a man who worships many gods and enslaves the people who share her faith in the one true God.


Born in the midst of the great execution to a maid of the queen, he is raised as a prince. Darwin the Great, the conquerer who raided the land and excuted many women and their female children took him under wing and raised him as his own son. He believes in the gods of his adoptive father’s people and respects the tradition of having his mother choose a bride for him. When Darwin the Great dies, his mother fetches him a bride – Valasca. It is his destiny to rule and have a beautiful woman at his side. He rules the kingdom and keeps the people enslaved to build the temple his father before him started.


Kara and Valasca are sisters in every way, but blood. They are training partners and share the same adoptive mother. Kara prefers her sword and chasing after their younger sisters in the encampment. When she is forced to watch her sister leave and never return to the encampment, Kara takes matters in her own hands and trails behind to the capital city where the palace is located. She’s got Valasca’s back no matter what.


He watched his mother and infant sister slain in the great execution when he was five. Now, enslaved like all the rest of his people, he is a stone carver and is forced to work to build the new temple of the king. He believe Valasca is the one who has come to free them, and he gives her his heart if only she will take it.


Lady guard to the queen, Scyleia is matron of the female guards of the palace. She slips through the shadows and knows everything that goes on in the palace. A sister in Christ, she lives by her faith and her sword. She is  allowed to move freely among the palace and the people due to her status as the protector of the queen. Jealous of Valasca, she puts ideas in Calder’s head that later create chaos in the palace and throughout the capital.

Things are starting to get interesting with this year’s character cast for my nanowrimo’s novel.

Stay posted.

I’m leading up to the scene where Darian and Valasca meet, what do you think, should he rescue her from near death or should she show her true colors and kick his butt in a battle situation?


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