The Best Pie Crust Ever Made

The best thing about thanksgiving isn’t the turkey. It’s the pie.

One of my uncles would always eat his dessert first, this way he always had room for it.  Perhaps, that is partially when I think of Thanksgiving, I think of pie.  (And for you math inclined people – no I’m not talking about 3.14).

Chocolate Pie

I haven’t made a homemade pie in years. YEARS! And usually, it’s me buying all the ingredients and the pie crust in the pie tins already made and ready to fill. We decided to stay home this year, again. Only this year, no one is sick and no one has to work. For those times, my husband, got to love him, has cooked the turkey and made the meal for our Thanksgiving feast. This year, we’re all healthy and have divided the tasks. He makes the turkey and I make everything else.

So, I guess we’ll just eat pie.

No, really. Today, as I was pulling out my side dish list and looking to see what I could prep ahead of time, my mind wondered to my mother’s kitchen. As a kid, my mom would make lemon and pumpkin pies. One of us kids, and I won’t mention which one of us, would always fight to grab the tip off the mirgine on the lemon pie. My mom never bought pre-made crusts. She always made her own.

This year, I got out my one-and-only pie dish and rolled up my sleeves, determined to create the best pie crust ever for my family’s dessert tomorrow. Maybe one day, my girls will think of my pies as I do my mom’s.

roll doughbest pie crust ever















Next to lemon, chocolate is my second favorite kind of pie for the holidays. Of course, for Christmas, it’ll have to be peanut butter. This pie making thing gets contagious. I can see why my mom always makes a lot. That, and my uncle had the right idea about eating desserts.

Thanksgivings always started with the pie first in our house. We had pie for breakfast, and we had pie after the meal. But the best pie crust ever made couldn’t hold the memories that we made around the kitchen table, while everyone enjoyed a slice of pie.

What little thing does your family always do for Thanksgiving that cherish most? And, of course, what flavor of pie do you like most?
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!




Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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