Stirring The Pot with Blackberry Jelly

Last week, one of the members of my critique group came and taught me the secrets of making my own jelly. Here in the Lower household, jelly is a staple. I probably should have taken stock in Smuckers with all the jelly that we buy for making PB&J sandwiches. Or putting on pancakes.

The morning started with a new pack of canning jars, and all the ingredients, a care package if you will.

I washed all the jars in my dishwasher and kept them nice and hot while we stirred up our blackberry brew in a pot.

canning jars

Bell helped us and as we watched the purple liquid turn from a light magenta to a deep plum as the sugar melted, it was like watching a potion brew and transform into sugary goodness.  The more Bell stirred, the swirls of light and dark circled inside the pot until the liquid boiled and turned dark.

stir jelly

Then came the learning part, we took our dark black berry liquid brew and poured it into the hot jars from the dishwasher, added the lids (boiling hot, too), and then boiled the sealed bottles in a large pot for what seemed a long time. When we took them out, it was like music to our ears… pop…pop..pop… until every bottle had sealed.

black berry jelly

The kiddo’s love the jelly, they couldn’t wait to taste test it the next day. I’m very thankful for the great members of my critique group, who not only help me become a better writer, but teach me new skills outside of my pen.  I have a feeling we’ll be making a lot more jelly in the future. Now, if these jars will just last me until past Christmas!!

Has someone recently dropped by and given you a gift? Perhaps it was teaching you something new or providing for a need, whatever it was you are special, indeed.


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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