Are You Sick of It?

One of my favorite songs from Skillet’s new CD is Sick of it. Every time I hear the lyrics shout out “Raise your hand if you’re sick of it.” I want to raise mine.

  • I’m sick of bullies, young and old. 
  • I’m sick of people who kick others in their time of weakness, when they could lend their strength instead.
  • I’m sick of seeing reality tv shows that encourage unacceptable behavior and send a message that broken families are the norm.
  •  I’m sick of seeing friends devastated and broken from relationships that didn’t work out.
  • I’m sick for the families that must have both parents working outside the home to provide for their families in today’s economy.
  •  I’m sick of being treated differently because I’m a woman, or of because of where I grew up, or because of financial statuses.
  • I’m sick of seeing people turn those in need away because of selfishness or greed. 
  • I’m sick of……

It’s a frustrating feeling to be feud up.

I struggle to overcome it. But I’m not always good at it.

On days like these, I turn up the music and raise my hand.

Are you sick of it? 


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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2 comments on “Are You Sick of It?
  1. Ann McDonnell says:

    Wonderful subject, I think everyone is going through things that make them want to scream. This week, my sick of it, is our school not having the Specials (gym, art, ect) teachers read Iian’s IEP. The Gym Teacher even argued with Iian about what was on it. Iian is autistic not stupid.

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