Writing the About Me For Your Etsy Shop

Since leaving my job as a financial controller in August 2013, I’ve had the opportunity to assist many creative entrepreneur set up and evaluate their Etsy shops.

I’ve loved these opportunities to help see others bring their beautiful talents from within and place them on the online market. It’s been so joyful watching these shops blossom and connecting with creative people living their dreams and working from home.

Although, one of the biggest hang ups I see with a lot of shops and their owners is the about me page. Many times I’ll come across a shop with outstanding photos of their artwork, and appealing set up, but when I get to the about me page, it’s either not there or doesn’t serve the customer’s best interest.

 etsy shop about me


An Etsy shop about me page is more than a bio like you’d see here on my page or another author or influential person.

Your about me page is a place for your customer to become acquainted with you, your shop, and your style. It’s like a first impression at a party.

When I’m shopping on Etsy and I find something I really like, I place that item in my cart. Before I buy it, I like to go find out more about the person and the shop I’m making the purchase from. It’s not like eBay where I’ve ordered from China or was the highest bidder. Nor is it like buying from Old Navy and if it doesn’t fit I can take it back to a local outlet since it’s a national brand.


1.  Who you are. This is your opportunity to make friends with your customer. Just like going to the party mentioned above and starting a conversation. Tell your customers what you’re passionate about, what you love and don’t love, what inspires you, and what your dreams are. This is where you and someone new connect and have a same interest or appreciates an in-common belief.

2.    What your shop is about: This is the ‘why’ part of your about me page. What special meaning does the shop name have for you? Why do you make the things that you do or pick the items that you pick for inside your shop? What hopes and aspirations do you have for this venture? How will buying from your shop make me, the customer, a better person or help me in what manner?

3.    Where does creation come from: This is where you sprinkle in some of your creative process? What materials do you use and why. What is your favorite part of the creation process? Where do your ideas come from?

It’s a lot about YOU, YOU, and YOU. It can feel uncomfortable to some to write all about themselves. The best thing about an about me page on your etsy shop is that it isn’t set in stone. You can update it with changes in time that occur in your shop.


Not everyone’s creative talents or aspirations to sell on Etsy come with writing skills.

I’ve come across countless shops with blank about me pages. I’ve removed the item from my shopping cart and found something else I’ve liked, maybe not the same, and purchased it from a shop I could read and learn more about.

You’ll find that customers who shop on Etsy are a different category of customer that shop elsewhere. They’re willing to pay the extra dollar for something that’s been handcrafted. They appreciate the time, inspiration, and energy you’ve spent to create that special piece or hunt down that vintage find. So, if they’re willing to give a little extra for you, shouldn’t you be willing to give them a little extra about you and your shop?

When people find they have things in common, they tend to stay connected. You may just find that your about me page not only opens you up to online sales, but building a fan base for future creations.

I recently wrote this about me page for a client, you can check it out here.

If you’ve got an about me page and you’d like me to take a look at it, place your shop name in the comments section below.

 I’m looking forward to visiting all of your shops.


Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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