Craft Shed

Crochet Dish Cloths 

march 23, 2013 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

crochet dish cloth

My grandmother taught me how to crochet. She would sit in her recliner in the evenings while her sons and her son-in-laws came for their coffee times.  She made me a small blanket once that I wrapped my dolls in when I was a little girl and I passed on to my oldest daughter when she was a baby. {Read More}

Lucky Green Bottle

march 16, 2013 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

green bottle center piece

I saw these cool string covered bottles on Pintrest lately and fell in love. I dug through our recyclables and find this bottle. A little bit of green yarn, a scrap piece of burlap, some yellow netting, and a small and large stitch shamrock.  {Read More}

Gift Tag Cards

posted August 20, 2012 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

Gift Tag Note CardsThis week I realized my paper pile was starting to get taller than my word count!

So I got the farm together and we made these cute and easy little gift card tags.  They have holes punched in the corner to make it easy to slip through some string or ribbon and attach to a package. {Read More}

Primitive Heart Ornaments

posted August 27, 2012 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

heart salt dough ornament

This week the kiddos and I decided to pull out an old craft and have some fun. I admit, with school just around the corner and having gone from working part-time to full-time, I’ve been soaking up all the time I can on the weekends with the kiddos. {Read More}

Painted Clothes Pins

posted September 24, 2012 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

With Halloween coming up next month, Bella and I decided to paint up these cute little monster clothes pins. Bell did the ones above, they’re bugs. And we put them in these cute little pages for an upcoming craft fair. I have to say I like her Frankenstein the most. He’s a real piece of art. {Read More}

Altered Wedding Book

posted September 17, 2012 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

Altered Wedding Guest Book

I’ve been working on a wedding guest book for a little while now. I love it when the pages of a good book always come together to create something beautiful. And of course, you know me, if I’m not writing a book, you can find me making a book. {Read More}


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