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3 Ways to be an AWESOME Friend

posted April 24, 2013 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

friendsHave you ever wondered why friends come and go in our lives? Some can last a life time and some we look back upon as being a part of phase in our lives.

But as much as we think about having friends, I don’t think we stop to wonder what kind of friend we are to other people.

What really makes you an awesome friend? {Read More}

Plead of a Fifth Grader

posted April 10, 2013 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

tween hair styleThis week my fifth grader had a big transformation.  After weeks and weeks of arguments and faustration.

I cut her hair. {Read More}

How Do Your Kids Know You Love Them?

posted April 3, 2013 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

Susan LowerI just put my ten-year-old to bed. Yes, I know it isn’t her bedtime yet. It’s an hour earlier than usual  But when she and her sisters were still up and talking the night before, well past 10 pm, I told them they would have to go to bed an hour early today.

It was hard for me to follow through. I’m an inconsistent parent. I know this. {Read More}

Does Your Child Play Violent Video Games?

posted April 2, 2013 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

Lately, there has been great discussions across our media about the effect of violence in video games played by our children. Even though many of these games are rated “T” for teen and warn parents of their carnage, the effect these games of on our youth create potential realism to what should be fantastical entertainment. {Read More}

Broken Road – A Path to New Life

posted March 22, 2013 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

Whenever something is broken it is human nature to try to fix it. If your a woman, then not only do you fix it, you try to change it.

We can’t help it. We’re women.

Then there are some things that can’t be fixed. Or is there? {Read More}

You Are More Than The Problems You Create

posted March 18, 2013 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

Does it ever seem to you that there are times when you feel like you just can’t do anything right? And because you made a mistake that you’ll never be able to rise above it?

But how do we become an encouragement and mentor to our kids if we’re stuck on the things that they do, instead of the person they are to become?

Bell is having a lot of trouble in school right now. The odds are against her in a lot of ways. {Read More}

Saying I Love You Star Wars Style

posted February 14, 2013 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

Today is the one day of the year that everyone, okay almost everyone, expects to hear someone else say, “I love you”. Or maybe that can’t say it at all. It comes in the forms of flowers and chocolates or jewelry.  People have been known to get married on this day, engaged, or go out on their first date. {Read More}

Does Your Mother Know You’re Reading That?

posted January 30, 2013 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

Today, we feel fortunate enough if we see our kids reading something. As they get older they usually develop a love / hate relationship with reading. They either love it. Or they hate and do it anyway. At least until they graduate high school. If were lucky, they’ll stick with it until after college. {Read More}

Avoiding Stress Over the Holidays

posted November 6, 2012 by Susan Lower Leave Comment Here

As the countdown to the holidays grows shorter and shorter, the burdens of your to-do list grow larger and larger. There are cookies to bake, gifts to buy, cards to mail, home décor and house cleaning to complete.

Sound familiar?

Sound like too much? {Read More}




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