Writing Workshops

Get Your Blog On

Ready to get your blog on the web? Learn what it takes to build your site, create content, maintain your web presence, and drive traffic to your blog.

*This workshop can be taught as a 50 minute overview, or a continuing hands on workshop where attendees can bring their laptops and ideas to build their blog during class. Will teach the basics of either blogger or wordpress.com. Generally 2 – 3 hours.

Promising Proposals

Every good product needs a marketing plan and sale pitch. But we’re just writers, right? In this class you’ll learn the basic outline of a fiction book proposal, including formatting, hooks, blurbs, bios, and marketing strategies that will help escalate you to the top of any agent or editor’s submission pile. (45 min)

‘Tween the lines

Do you have a group of tween or teens that is on fire with the passion to write? Then let’s get writing. We’ll cover the basics of writing a short story and expanding it to a novel. We’ll talk about different kinds of writing: flash fiction, poetry, short stories, novellas, and novels. We’ll briefly discuss the revision and editing process, and by the end of the workshop these tweens and teens will have started a writing piece of their own.

DIY Journaling

A fun hands on workshop for small groups who love to learn new things and express themselves through written words. Not only will we talk about how Journaling helps reduce stress, problem solve, and create a family heirloom, but attendees will put together and stitch their own handmade journal using either Japanese stab stitch or Coptic stitch book binding methods. (45-60 min)


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